The ArtSmart Kit 2.0 is here!

We provide peace of mind to every artist, at every career stage.

We offer you a tangible, time-tested methodology and downloadable tools so that every career decision you make is foolproof.

Our mission is to navigate artists through the minefield of unspoken rules that is the art world.

We are your back end, your right hand & your Magic 8 Ball.

So Much Better Than Any Art Business Book

The ArtSmart Kit is your roadmap to the art world. It's a constantly evolving, business & career toolbox for artists, accessible online & always updated with new tools & animations.

In The Kit you can learn more about The ArtSmart Method, a powerful tool used by artists all over the world. It's a strategic career compass  that helps you assess the ultimate value of each opportunity you encounter, as well as clarify what and how to negotiate for more. 


You guys have done such a great job in making this totally conducive to folding into a classroom setting.  I love the videos.  The titles are fun.  The style of the entire kit is really great. We are going to use The ArtSmart Kit starting next week!

-Brent Dickinson, Professor at Azusa Pacific University, discussing teaching The ArtSmart Kit in his Portfolio class

I am super impressed with how much info there is in here.  Amy gives you the tools to organize your artistic practice, which is incredibly helpful for a messy artist like me.  The ArtSmart Kit helps shed a light on the business aspects of the art world, information that helps empower artists.  I highly recommend it!

Raffi Kalenderian, Painter

 Instagram is a game, but I didn’t know how to play the game.  But now I do.  This kit is going to help my art business a lot!

Ann Marie S, Painter

Everything in your kit is helpful. I’m glad to hear you’re always adding to it, because I was left with wanting more!

Nolan H, Painter

Thank you so much for this informative & interactive digital kit! This is so much better than any art business book.

Elijah R, Mixed Media Artist

For the price of a book... just a one time charge of $23

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Learn from 13 real-life applications of The ArtSmart Method, each one in infographic form & animated with art for easy, quick and fun comprehension


The ArtSmart Kit walks you through when & how to use each tool, from the time you conceive of your artwork until it's bought & put in a collection

the artsmart kit includes:

ArtSmart Method

Make Career-Defining Decisions With the Help of Real-Life Scenarios and Animated Infographics

ArtSmart People Map

Leverage Your Social Connections and Understand How to Ask For What You Really Need

ArtSmart InstaHacks

Expand Your Audience, Gain Representation and Maximize Collaborations With Social Media Tips and Tricks

ArtSmart Consignment Agreement

Formalize Your Arrangements With the People Who Are Exhibiting and Selling Your Art In Order To Protect Yourself & Your Work

ArtSmart Commission Contract

Understand Each Component of The Contract In Order to Avoid Exploitation & Hazards

ArtSmart Invoice + Calculator

Present an Accurate Accounting For what You Are Owed Based on the Sales Price, the Discount and Production Reimbursement

ArtSmart Bookkeeping

Register Your Business, Tax Plan, Track Expenses and Understand Your Cash Flow

ArtSmart Archive

Track Everything You Make as it is Created, Consigned & Collected, As Well As Generate Invoices, Consignment and Loan Forms

ArtSmart Cost + Benefit Matrix

Project the Cost and the Benefits of Doing Any Given Project, As Well As Understand How Much Work Needs to Be Made in Order to Break-Even

ArtSmart Certificate of Authenticity

Ensure That You Will Get Paid By Issuing This Certificate Directly From the Studio Once a Work is Sold

The ArtSmart Lifecycle

Visualize How Each Tool is Used From the Time a Work is Conceived in the Studio Through When It's Produced, Exhibited & Finally Collected